Monday, 16 Mar 2020


The Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global event that will have a major and ongoing impact on the livelihoods of everyone and especially those working in our music industry. 
Songwriters, creative professionals, live performers, production crews, managers, self-employed and part-time workers, venue owners, and many other contractors are facing a unique level of disruption and uncertainty. 
Today the government will announce a suite of measures to support the economy and New Zealanders and we will together, with the rest of the industry including Independent Music NZ, the Music Managers Forum of NZ, the NZ Music Commission, NZ On Air, Recorded Music New Zealand, and OneMusic NZ, do what we can to represent the music industry to government as support packages are announced.

We will also of course be doing everything we can to enable royalties to keep flowing promptly and efficiently, and working with our customers - businesses using music - to enable music to be heard.
We will send out regular communications to ensure that you are kept updated on events and decisions that relate to the music environment.
All of us want to acknowledge the gravity of this situation, but without panic. There are many developments yet to come and every day will bring something new.
We know that you - songwriters, musicians, crew, venues, and so many others of you in the music community - are the first to offer assistance in a time of crisis, and that you've banded together many times to raise funds and awareness when our nation has faced other trials. Goodwill and generosity are the most important tools we have to combat this current challenge. 
As we put our heads together to look forward and work on solutions, please remember that music and art in all its forms can be incredibly helpful and healing in a time like this. Listen to your favourite music, and reward those artists by buying merchandise, records, streams, tickets to local shows that are still going ahead (if you are well), making donations, and encouraging others to do the same.
We encourage anyone who is struggling to cope to please contact MusicHelps. They are there to help you. ​


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