At SongHubs Auckland 2020, we were excited to be bringing a group of four Swedish songwriters to New Zealand to share their knowledge and collaborate with our local writers: Sara Hjellström (aka Shy Martin), Nirob Islam (aka Shy Nodi), Julia Karlsson, and Anton Rundberg.

These four pop wunderkinds were joined at Roundhead Studio for a week by 14 New Zealand songwriters, 2 Australian songwriters, and 5 New Zealand producers.

Our guests spent five days rotating through different songwriting groups and studios, writing one song per day, and forming new musical friendships and collaborative possibilities.

Our 16 songwriter participants for SongHubs 2020 were:

Ash Wallace (Foley)
Brendan Maclean
Camila Roa Nunez (Amila)
Finn Andrews (The Veils)
Hugh Ozumba (Unchained XL)
James Milne (Lawrence Arabia)
Jon Lemmon
Julia Morris (Lexxa)
Kingdon Chapple Wilson (Kings)
Lepani Tuifagalele
Maddy Rowe (Genes)
Monax Sunny (Chaii)
Paige Tapara
Possum Plows (Xemo)
Rob Ruha
Sophie Mashlan

Photographs from the 2020 SongHubs Auckland by Amanda Ratcliffe (Amanda Shoots Bands, @shootsbands)

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