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Friday, 08 May 2020

Has the inspiration struck during Iso-life to write songs, record them, livestream them? To get cracking on release plans and strategies? Or, maybe it all feels like a bit much right now with other concerns to tend to?

Whatever part of the productivity spectrum you're on, we're here to help, just as Client Liaison so eloquently mentioned.

We have the return of the very popular At Home Sessions, free and open to all members where'er you are in the world, featuring 3-2-1 Sessions and Meet the Locals networking.

3-2-1 Sessions 

Three hours, Two songwriters, One song. Are you ready to try virtual songwriting with someone new? Sign up for a 3-2-1 session. 

Meet the Locals - Virtual

We have a top notch roster of industry pros and fellow creatives at the ready for one-on-one online sessions. Featuring reps from radio, publicity, music supervision and law as well as producers and songwriters and many more. 

Stay tuned for more tips and tools and opportunities.

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