Thursday, 27 May 2021

APRA AMCOS NZ statement regarding Thomas Oliver

We have been concerned and disappointed to hear of the actions of Thomas Oliver - an artist and songwriter who received a Silver Scroll Award in 2016. These kinds of behaviours have no place in our music community.

Our primary concerns are for those directly impacted by his actions, and we hope that anyone affected might consider the independent services available to them for support, advice, or to take a complaint forward if they want to do so. The team at HELP Auckland are available any time, 24/7, via or 0800 623 1700.

“This is a matter that we have taken seriously and considered deeply. Our position in relation to matters of safety, sexual harm and harassment is clear, we have no tolerance of it. Respect and accountability are clear, stated values for us and we are doing everything we can to work towards meaningful positive change to make our industry a safer and more inclusive place” says Anthony Healey, APRA’s Head of New Zealand Operations.

“We have reached out to Thomas and his management and advised them that his APRA Silver Scroll Award title from 2016 will be revoked, and his name will be removed from our award records and from the trophy” he says.

APRA acknowledge his public admission of the assault, and his apology, and we respect and support his pursuit of rehabilitation. We will of course continue to work with him and support him in his process where we can.

This story once again highlights the pervasive nature of these issues, and the amount of work that needs to be done to foster a safer, more respectful, and inclusive music community.

APRA want to see, and be part of, a music industry where everyone upholds a high level of professional respect, conduct, and integrity, and where no one engages in, encourages, or condones any form of discrimination, harassment, or bullying. As part of our direct involvement in that, APRA is reviewing all our terms and conditions for participation in our awards and programs, and also reviewing our complaints procedures. We will make these public in due course.

We are committed to tackling this behaviour, and continue to be involved in, and supportive of, SoundCheck Aotearoa (

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